Vintage Bathtub with Stand

No longer available
  • Porcelain washtubs like these, once common throughout central Europe in the 1930s, make beautiful containers for culinary herbs and other edible plants. Our authentic found object from Hungary is perfect for creating edible gardening space on your deck, patio or rooftop. Each vintage piece is unique and displays the natural markings and imperfections that come with age and use.

    • Vintage object found in Hungary; formerly used as a washbasin.
    • Circa 1930s porcelain basin.
    • Most basins do not have drainage holes, although some will (selection is random).
    • Authentically distressed green painted-metal frame bears chips and other natural signs of age.
    • Unique imperfections from years of use—dents, scratches and even rust—give the vintage piece its natural character.
    • Weather resistant.
    • Sizes will vary slightly: 40" x 18" x 28–32" high (including stand).
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