Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker

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  • Professional bakers know that the ability to control yeast fermentation with low, humid heat makes for the best flavors in breads. This countertop box produces the optimal proofing environment for home-baked breads, then folds flat for easy storage. Set the digital temperature low for a long, slow rise or pre-fermentation. Turn up the heat to give yeast a boost on a cold day. This proofer also makes yogurt, melts chocolate, softens butter—and it's a great way to proof our frozen croissants and other Galaxy Desserts overnight.

    • Rise and ferment yeast bread dough with professional results.
    • Maintains consistent warmth and humidity, even in cool or dry conditions.
    • Can also be used to make yogurt and crème fraîche (up to 8 qt.).
    • Safely melts chocolate without burning and holds tempered chocolate.
    • Folds flat for easy storage; accessories store inside.
    • Large viewing window.
    • No need to cover dough; included water tray keeps humidity at optimal level.
    • Accurate digital temperature control from 70-120 [degrees] F.
    • Holds one bowl or two full-sized loaves.