Flavor Injector

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  • Move over marinades and brines, a new way to flavor meat has come to town. Using our Flavor Injector lets you kick up your barbecue and amp up your roasts with unparalleled flavor, moisture and tenderness. The extra-wide needle easily handles your favorite basting mixture, and the entire injector comes apart for easy cleaning. The handsome stainless-steel cover protects the heavy-gauge plastic syringe, which features easy-to-read measurements for easy dosing. Inject meats and poultry with your favorite marinades and liquid flavors before grilling, frying, roasting or smoking. Much faster than marinating and brining, which only delivers the flavor to the meats surface, our efficient flavor injector gets the basting mixture deep into the meat to disburse the delicious flavor.


    • No waiting for marinating or brining means fewer food safety issues
    • Heavy-gauge syringe is clearly marked with teaspoon and tablespoon measurements
    • Clear window lets you easily see how much liquid is in the syringe
    • Features extra wide needle which allows you to use chunky basting mixture like pesto or jerk marinades
    • We recommend using our flavor injector with large cuts of meat such as pork shoulder, brisket, turkey, whole hogs and hams. You can also use it to add moisture to meat that tends to dry out, including pork chops, leg of lamb, beef round roasts and pork loins.