Smoke Stick

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  • Aromatic wood smoke is what gives grilled food its deliciously rich, complex flavor. These Japanese wood sticks are an easy way to infuse foods with savory smokiness over the heat of the grill. Just soak in water or wine, then break it apart into chips and place directly atop your charcoal fire. Create your own unique flavor blends by mixing different woods—choose from cherry, Japanese oak, beech or walnut.

    • Choose Large or Mini.
    • Cherry imparts a slightly sweet, fruity flavor ideal for chicken and pork.
    • Japanese oak offers woodsy flavor that is excellent with meat, poultry, seafood and fish.   
    • Beech adds mild smoky flavor perfect for enhancing seafood and fish.
    • Walnut produces a robust, heavier smoke—good for red meats and game.
    • After soaking, the sticks crumble easily for adding directly to hot coals.
    • Large sticks: 12" long. Small sticks: 7 1/4" long.  
    • Made in Japan.
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