Fire Wire Flexible Grilling Skewers

  • $19.95
  • A simple adaptation of the traditional skewer makes kabob grilling so much easier and more effective. Made from nonreactive stainless steel, these flexible skewers bend easily – without compromising durability – to give you more options for both marinating and grilling.

    • Flexible cable-style design easily conforms to your grilling surface.
    • Fits inside a bag or bowl for marinating, streamlining the prep process.
    • They hold more than twice as much food as standard rigid skewers, maximizing space on grilling surfaces of all sizes.
    • Skewer tip remains draped over the grill’s edge during grilling, so it stays cool.
    • Can be turned over or removed from the grill with ease.
    • Dishwasher safe.
    • Set of four.