Fiona's Candy

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  • These whimsical British confections come to us from English-born purveyor Fiona Frie, who opened her San Francisco shop when she became homesick for the nostalgic sweets of her childhood. Our assortment is a wonderful excuse to create a tantalizing “candy bar” for holiday parties. Each variety of candy arrives in a vintage-style glass jar with metal lid, perfect for gift-giving.

    • Champagne Bubbles, a sweet celebration of festive champagne fizz, 14 oz.
    • Cinnamon Balls, hard candies with a blazing bite of cinnamon spice; 14.5 oz.
    • Colorful Licorice Bits, bite-size licorice bits with vibrant fruit flavors; 12 oz.
    • Gummy Flowers, chewy candies bursting with tangy fruit flavors; 12.5 oz.
    • Sherbet Lemons, hard, tangy lemon drops with fizzy centers; 11.5 oz.
    • Red Berry Blocks, soft gummy bites bursting with ripe berry sweetness; 12 oz.
    • Rootbeer Drops, hard candies with the taste of old-fashioned root beer; 15.5 oz.
    • Strawberry Puffs, fluffy pink-and-white gummy drops of strawberry delight; 10.5 oz.
    • Made in USA, United Kingdom, Spain and Netherlands.
    • A Williams-Sonoma exclusive.
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