Farmer D Biodynamic Blend Organic Compost Mix

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  • Daron Joffe, the founder of Farmer D Organics, is committed to biodynamic farming and earth-friendly practices. His living, organic compost gives plants an infusion of beneficial microorganisms and nutrients for continuous soil improvement.

    • Living, organic compost to improve soil fertility and texture.
    • Protects crops from adverse conditions.
    • Reduces need for weeding and combating insects.
    • Custom formula is a balanced blend of natural plant and animal materials.
    • Made using local and sustainable ingredients, including special Biodynamic® ingredients that support the soil’s vitality and the health of the plants that grow in it.
    • Each batch ishand prepped and cured over a 10- to 12-week maturation.
    • First Biodynamic® compost in the USA to be certified by Demeter, an internationally recognized certifier of Biodynamic® farms and agricultural products.
    • 8-qt. bag: 11 lb.
    • 16-qt. bag: 20 lb.
    • Made in USA.