Fancy Salad Greens Seed Collection, Set of 6

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  • Our exclusive collection from the Seattle Seed Co. includes six varieties of gourmet salad greens perfectly selected for growing together, so you'll always have garden-fresh, colorful leaves for preparing salads and adding texture to sandwiches. Try mixing these gourmet greens with traditional lettuces to take your salads in new flavor directions.

    • Includes 6 individual packets of seeds (see More Info tab for specifics on each variety).
    • Organic seeds are pesticide- and herbicide-free and never genetically modified.
    • Open-pollinated varieties allow you to save the seeds from each year’s harvest to plant the next year.
    • Plant in spring until late summer for fall harvest.
    • 30-50 days to harvest from transplant.
    • Requires 4 hours or more of sunlight per day.
    • Ideal for raised beds or planters. Min. container depth 6".
    • Grown in USA.

    Collection includes one seed packet each of:

    • Arugula (.3gm, approx. 175 seeds)
    • Freckles Lettuce (.5gm approx. 275 seeds)
    • Très Fine Maraîchère Endive (.3gm, approx. 275 seeds)
    • Mizuna (.5gm, approx. 275 seeds)
    • Spring Mix Lettuce (.5gm, approx. 250 seeds)
    • Mesclun Mix (.5gm, approx. 275 seeds)
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