Even Dough Bands

  • $8.95
  • These ingenious rubber rings make it simple to roll cookie dough, pie crusts and tart dough to the perfect thickness, eliminating guesswork and re-rolling. Simply slip a pair of color-coded rings onto each end of the rolling pin, then roll out your dough. When the rings contact the rolling surface, the dough has reached the desired thickness.

    • Rubber rings fit on rolling pin to ensure dough is rolled out to uniform thickness.
    • Prevents dough from rolling too thinly, minimizing re-rolling and overworking.
    • Color-coded sizing makes it easy to find the pair you want.
    • Flexible rubber rings fit a standard rolling pin up to 2 1/4" diam.
    • Set of four includes red (1/16"), yellow (1/8"), green (1/4") and blue (3/8").
    • Made in Sri Lanka.