Essential Kitchen Garden Herbs 6-Pack

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  • Fresh, homegrown herbs can easily transform a good meal into a great one. This assortment includes six culinary favorites, with a mix of French, Italian and Mediterranean flavors. Most herbs flourish with consistent harvesting, so clip and enjoy them often and dry any extra growth for later use.

    Garlic Chive: A hardy perennial that grows in grass-like clumps, with flat, blue-green blades and clusters of bee-attracting white flowers—all edible. The plant’s delicate flavor is ideal for salads and dishes that regular garlic would overwhelm.

    English Thyme: a compact perennial evergreen shrub that produces small, gray-green, leaves for harvesting year-round. A key component of fines herbes in French cuisine, the plant blooms with white to pale purple flowers.

    Tuscan Blue Rosemary: Cooks favor this fast-growing upright form of perennial rosemary over the trailing variety because of its more flavorful needle-like leaves, which cover the plant all year long.

    Sweet Basil: An Italian staple for sauces and the key ingredient of pesto. Very easy to grow, the annual yields a plentiful harvest of extra-large aromatic dark-green leaves.

    Common Sage: Evergreen perennial with gray-green leaves that release a unique, intense flavor and aroma.

    Greek Oregano: Offering a more robust scent and flavor than Italian oregano, this bright-green variety is ideal for growing in pots, where it can trail over the edge. Blooms with white flowers in late summer, attracting honeybees.

    • Sustainably grown.
    • Appropriate for all growing zones.
    • Suitable for container or ground planting.
    • Require full sun.
    • Plants ship in 4" diam. nursery pots.
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