Espro Toroid Frothing Pitcher

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  • Select Size: 20-Oz.

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  • Perfect the art of frothing milk with a simple change of pitcher. The ESPRO Toroid frothing pitcher has unique curves that generate a consistently even, controlled milk flow during steaming. The result is beautiful, airy microfoam every time. You'll pour lattes and cappuccinos with greater precision than ever.

    • Patent-pending pitcher shape amplifies steam to create a perfect milk flow, producing flawless microfoam consistently.
    • Sharp spout draws milk and foam together for a precise pour, ideal for latte art.
    • Easy-to-read fill lines inside and out.
    • Large stay-cool handle fits any hand.
    • 18/8 stainless steel with polished finish.
    • Both sizes fit under the steaming wand of the smallest espresso machines.