Soap Nut Refill

Soapnut Shells

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  • Organic soapnuts provide a eco-friendly alternative to traditional laundry detergents. Sustainably harvested in India, the nuts contain natural saponins that provide excellent cleaning qualities. Simply place 5 to 7 nuts in the included washbag and use in your washing machine, or boil them in water to make a hypoallergenic liquid detergent.

    • All-natural, certified organic and hypoallergenic. 
    • Color-safe and appropriate for use with all machine-washable fabrics including delicates.
    • Package washes up to 55 loads using 5 to 7 nuts per load.
    • Nuts are reusable up to three times. 
    • Suitable for use in top- and front-loading machines in water temparatures from 86°F to 194°F.
    • Safe for septic tanks.
    • Includes 8 oz. soapnuts, biodegradable cotton washbag and detailed instructions in a recyclable cardboard tube.
    • 2-lb. refill bag of soap nuts sold separately.
    • Unscented.
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