Drop Bottom Charcoal Chimney

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  • Fire up your grill the easy way by igniting the charcoal with our chimney, then use the drop-out bottom to quickly release the red-hot coals. No more dealing with flying sparks when adding fiery briquettes to the grill – just pull the lever to open the trap door and deposit your coals.

    • Innovative chimney has a drop-out bottom that releases red-hot coals by just pulling the lever.
    • Charcoal is ready for grilling in about 15 minutes – without using lighter fluid.
    • Load the cylinder with briquettes, light up a fire starter or crumpled newspaper under your grill grate, then set the chimney over the flame.
    • Ergonomically designed handle has a comfortable rosewood grip.
    • Heavy-gauge stainless-steel construction ensures maximum durability.
    • Over time, exposure to the fire will change the color of the polished steel, causing it to acquire a rich patina.
    • Take care to wear a protective glove when using this product.

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