Double R Ranch Co. Three Months of Steak

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  • A steak lover’s dream come true, this collection features quality cuts from Double R Ranch Co., a family-owned ranch in Washington State that is committed to sustainability and animal well-being. Its pasture-raised, grain-finished beef is well marbled and expertly aged, perfect for broiling or grilling.

    • Three monthly shipments of four steaks each.
    • Shipped frozen.
    • Product of USA.

    Month 1: Porterhouse Steaks, delivered in time for Thanksgiving between November 4 and 14, 2014.

    With a tender filet on one side of the bone and a robust strip steak on the other, the porterhouse is the king of American steaks, delivering succulent texture and exceptional flavor. Four 16-oz. steaks.

    Month 2: Rib-Eye Steaks, delivered in time for Christmas between December 9 and December 19, 2014.

    Double R. Ranch Co.'s raising and finishing techniques produce beef of consistently high quality with great combination of texture and flavor that shine in this spectacular cut. Four 12-oz. steaks.

    Month 3: Flat-Iron Steaks, delivered between January 6 and January 16, 2015.

    Versatile flat-iron steaks cook quickly, remain tender and deliver big, beef flavor, making this cut an obvious choice for busy weeknights or Saturday cookouts. Four 8-oz. steaks.