de Buyer Double-Slot Knife Sharpener

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  • This two-slot sharpener replaces the traditional sharpening/honing combination with one innovative, easy-to-use tool. Developed by de Buyer of France to be the most advanced manual sharpener available today, it offers three stages of sharpening. Diamond-coated cams precisely control blade angles for highly accurate results—and a longer-lasting edge.

    • Provides three stages of sharpening, from daily honing to restoring old knives.
    • Slot 1: coarse grit diamond-coated cams for resharpening dull knives.
    • Slot 2: two-stage set of diamond cams, one for fine sharpening to a 15- to 20-degree angle, and a honing section for daily maintenance. 
    • Patent-pending diamond-coated solid-steel cams control blade angles for perfectly shaped and fine, slightly convex edge bevels every time.
    • Angle control and swiping motion produces professional results and reduces human error.
    • Replaces the traditional stone-and-steel sharpening/honing combination with more accurate, faster results.
    • More accurate bevels means less "rounding" of the edge, and therefore less resharpening and longer blade life.