Cooking In Cast Iron Cookbook by Valerie Aikman-Smith

Cooking In Cast Iron Cookbook

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  • Every kitchen should contain some cast iron cookware, whether it’s a single frying pan in classic black or a full set clad in vibrant enamel. Along with its exceptional durability, cast iron's ability to retain and distribute heat has made it a favorite among generations of cooks, who favor it for everything from quick, hearty breakfasts to long-simmered stews. Our book collects recipes for more than 40 delicious dishes, with color photographs to entice and inspire. Including entrees, sides and even desserts, the recipes are conveniently grouped by type of cookware, with sections for Dutch ovens and braisers, frying pans, grill pans and baking, roasting and gratin pans. This excellent resource also contains tips on choosing, using and caring for your cast iron cookware. Hardcover.

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