Colonna Extra-Virgin Olive Oils

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  • These extraordinary extra-virgin olive oils are made from olives grown on an Italian estate that the Colonna family has farmed for over 200 years. Wonderfully well balanced, fruity and buttery, the extra-virgin oils exhibit a consistent quality that comes from expert blending of different olive varieties, each hand harvested, milled and cold-pressed separately. Any slight cloudiness or sediment is a sign of the oils’ pure, natural, unfiltered state.

    Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has a bright golden yellow-green color, a distinct aroma of olives and a slight grassiness, and a fruity, buttery flavor with a pleasantly peppery finish.

    Extra-Virgin Lemon Olive Oil is made with select estate olives milled together with the peel of organic lemons, a time-honored Colonna family recipe that yields an intense citrus flavor—an ideal foil for simple roasted fish.

    • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil: 25 fl. oz.
    • Extra-Virgin Lemon Olive Oil: 8.45 fl. oz.
    • Made in Italy.