Chef'sChoice Trizor XV M15 Electric Knife Sharpener, Platinum

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  • To keep your knives at the peak of performance, regularly sharpen them with this electric three-stage sharpener. Ideal for straight-edge or serrated blades, it uses 100% diamond-coated disks to efficiently hone and set the cutting edges for superb precision and longer life.

    • Recommended for double edge Asian style knives, single bevel edge and serrated knives, can be used to sharpen thick spine knives like cleavers.
    • Three-stage process sharpens, hones and strops straight-edged or serrated blades.
    • Patented springs hold knives in angled slots for accurate control.
    • First two stages sharpen and hone using 100% diamond-coated abrasive disks.
    • Final stage uses flexible stropping disks for a finished polish.
    • Sharpens knives to a 15° angle.
    • Offers a blade setting stage.