Chef'n Pull'n Slice

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  • Make everyday food prep faster, easier and safer than ever with this user-friendly mandoline, featuring a patented "pull" design with a unique safety hood to help ensure safe slicing. Start by choosing your desired cut and thickness, clearly marked on the mandoline's body. Place your food in the safety hood, brace with the hand guard, then pull the plane back and forth to create perfectly precise slices, julienne cuts and French fries.

    • Innovative mandoline has a unique safety hood that completely covers the blade, keeping your hands out of harm's way.
    • The hood's opening accommodates fruits and vegetables up to 3 1/2" in diameter.
    • Easy-to-use blade adjuster is clearly marked with call-outs for each type of cut.
    • Includes slicing deck with straight blade, French fry blade and julienne blade.
    • Super-sharp, laser-etched blades ensure optimal precision.
    • No-skid feet provide exceptional stability and safety.
    • Durable polypropylene body is black to prevent staining from foods.
    • Extra blade cartridge clips onto the bottom of the mandoline for convenient storage.
    • Includes slicing deck, straight blade, French fry blade and julienne blade.
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