Burrata & Mozzarella Cheese Collection

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  • We’re pleased to offer two classic fresh cheeses from Italy. Both are made using a technique known as pasta filata or “stretched curd,” which gives the cheeses their characteristic toothsome texture. Both cheeses are delicious served on everything from bruschetta to crackers to sliced bread.

    Burrata: In the pastoral region of Puglia, cheesemaker Caseificio Maldera handcrafts this luscious cheese by expertly stretching a supple layer of fresh mozzarella around a creamy mixture of thinly sliced mozzarella and cream. Resembling a drawstring pouch, the finished burrata is rich and velvety, with a hint of delicate sweetness. 8.8 oz.

    Mozzarella di Bufala: Handmade at a small family farm in Campania from pasteurized whole buffalo milk, this traditional Italian mozzarella is luxuriously smooth and supple. Its sweet, delicate flavor is soft and milky, with the subtle fruity tang characteristic of the finest and freshest water buffalo milk. Two 4.4 oz. pieces (8.8 oz. total).

    • Approx. 1lb, 1.6 oz.
    • Shipped chilled.
    • Made in Italy.
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