Bunbury Bark Edge Cutting Board

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No longer available
  • Made from the finest, ecologically-harvested Irish hardwoods, this rustic cutting board is distinct for its “waney” or bark-on edge.  The unique story behind every board, the tree it originates from, and what is being done to replace that tree is fully documented for the board’s owner.

    • The distinctive look of this board’s natural bark-on edge makes it the perfect serving piece for cheeses, cured meats, appetizers and more.
    • Every board is made from carefully chosen, sustainably harvested Irish hardwood.
    • By entering a code found on every board, the owner can learn the history of the particular tree that was used in its construction.
    • Extremely durable, this board is built to stand up to the daily rigors of kitchen work.
    • Handmade from start to finish, this board is as well suited to display on a coffee table as it is in the kitchen.
    • Recesses under both ends of the board allow it to be easily carried.
    • Squared back and sides and rounded corners complement the board’s waney edge.
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