Buffalo China Dinnerware Collection

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  • These plates, bowls and mugs are inspired by authentic diner pieces. They were originally made by the Buffalo China Co., which was founded in New York in 1901 to produce the plates offered as premiums by a soap manufacturer. That sturdy dinnerware went on to become popular at roadside diners along the new U.S. highways and today it's a classic. Replicating a style from the 1940s, our dinnerware is creamy white – the natural color of the clay – with a durable, clear glaze. Microwavable; oven and dishwasher safe. 10 1/2" diam. dinner plates; 8" diam. salad plates; 10-oz., 9" diam. soup bowls; 8-oz. cups and 6" diam. saucers; 8-oz., 5 1/2" diam. cereal bowls; 7-oz., 3 1/2" high Maritime mugs. Sets of four. Made in China.

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