Brooklyn Kombucha Scoby

Kombucha Brooklyn Scoby

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  • SCOBY (the acronym stands for "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast") is the key to kicking off any batch of home-brewed kombucha. The white, gelatinous pancake is a living complex that you add to brewed sweetened tea to begin the fermentation process. This organic SCOBY is pristinely propagated by Kombucha Brooklyn and shipped super-fresh from their brewery. Use it to start your first batch, or as a new mother to keep your kombucha batches flowing.

    • Live culture for brewing kombucha, a fermented tea drink prized for its flavor and healthful nutrients.
    • Fermented by Kombucha Brooklyn, experts in brewing kombucha.
    • Bred with organic ingredients.
    • Packaged in kombucha to ensure freshness.
    • Comes with mother liquid starter for your first batch; use the new SCOBY and liquid from your first batch to make future batches.
    • The SCOBY will form a new SCOBY each time you brew; use the original SCOBY to start new batches or share it with a friend.
    • Makes a 1-gal. batch of kombucha.
    • Includes detailed brewing instructions.
    • 1 lb.
    • Made in USA.