Brooklyn Brine Pickles

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  • These hand-packed jars capture the vibrant character of organic vegetables freshly plucked from the garden. They are the seasonal specialties of Brooklyn Brine, a new breed of pickler dedicated to preserving the art of home pickling while exploring new flavor combinations.

    Whiskey Sour: Pickled in a semi-sweet apple cider vinegar brine with heavy notes of garlic and dill, chili peppers and McKenzie Rye Whiskey from Finger Lakes Distilling.

    New York Deli: Reminiscent of the classic pickles once commonplace at delis all over New York, made with Kirby cucumbers in a brine of garlic, dill and a hint of evaporated cane sugar.

    Damn Spicy: Well-balanced pickle flavored with caraway seeds and hot chili peppers in a semi-sweet apple cider vinegar brine.


    • 24 oz.
    • Made in USA.
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