Breville Smart Fryer

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  • Breville knows that not all deep-fried foods are created equal—so they've created the first deep fryer with technology that adjusts the time and temperature to suit what you're cooking, from crispy, golden fries and wings to decadent donuts. Choose from seven preset functions (including a special "twice-fried" setting)—and this smart appliance will deliver the right temperature at just the right time.

    • The Smart Fryer™ intuitively adjusts cooking time and temperature to ensure perfect results—no matter what you're cooking.
    • Illuminated LCD control panel automatically indicates time, temperature, plus preset cooking functions for your favorite dishes.
    • For specialized cooking, the fryer has preprogrammed settings for French fries, chicken wings, fish, calamari and donuts.
    • Twice-fried function ensures ultra-crisp, restaurant-quality French fries, making adjustments for fresh or frozen potatoes.
    • Use the Fresh/Frozen setting to automatically change time or temperature based on your selected cooking mode.
    • A custom setting allows you to program your favorite dish.
    • Large viewing window lets you monitor cooking without lifting the fry basket.
    • Electronic thermostat helps oil rapidly come back to desired frying temperature between batches.
    • CoolZone Technology allows food debris to fall into cooler oil, preventing burning and extending the life of your cooking oil.
    • A mesh filter minimizes cooking odors.
    • Durable stainless-steel construction helps ensure years of efficient service.