Breville Slow Cooker with Easy Sear®

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  • Featuring an EasySear removable insert pan, the Breville 7-qt. slow cooker is essentially a premium piece of cookware with a slow cooker base. Use the aluminum insert on the stovetop for searing and browning meats and sautéing vegetables before slow cooking – the key to even deeper, richer flavor. The insert also functions on its own as a covered roasting pan and goes straight to the table for easy serving.

    • EasySear stovetop insert lets you sear, sauté, slow cook and serve all in one pot. Also safe for oven roasting.
    • The insert is made of die-cast aluminum with a Quantanium nonstick, nonscratch finish.
    • Simple controls offer three temperature settings: low, high and dual.
    • Low setting gently simmers for an extended period of time to deepen rich flavors. Ideal for braises, pot roasts and tougher cuts of meat.
    • High setting cooks food in half the time required for low setting. Ideal for premium cuts of meat and dishes featuring vegetables and grains.
    • Dual setting automatically shifts from high to low after approx. two hours for added ease.
    • Wraparound heating element promotes even cooking.
    • Cool-touch silicone covers on handles for easy transport of the insert from stove to slow cooker to table.
    • Large 7-qt. capacity is ideal for entertaining.
    • Domed stainless-steel lid can be used with the insert for oven roasting.
    • Removable cord.
    • Includes stainless-steel roasting rack.