Breville Handy Stand Mixer

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  • Breville doubles your kitchen convenience with a multitasking appliance that combines the performance of a stand mixer with the portability of a handheld mixer. This space-saving hybrid features a powerful 12-speed hand mixer that rests on a sturdy base with a revolving work bowl—perfect for heavier mixing or kneading. For less rigorous tasks, detach the lightweight mixer and bring it right to your work station.

    • A better hand mixer and a smarter stand mixer—in one convenient countertop appliance.
    • Hardworking mixer features a patented twin motor system, with two independent motors.
    • One motor rotates the work bowl, while the other controls the beaters.
    • Twin beater action ensures that ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
    • Spring-loaded, soft-tipped beaters create deeper hand mixing for increased volume—and automatically scrape the work bowl when you're using the stand mixer.
    • Fingertip touchpad controls feature 12 mixing speeds—plus a turbo boost function for a burst of extra power.
    • Tilt-back head makes it easy to add ingredients to the stand mixer's work bowl.
    • Load Sensing Technology automatically adjusts speed when you're mixing thick batters or heavy doughs.
    • Digital LCD screen with count-up timer helps you follow recipes to the letter.
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