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  • A nutritional powerhouse, blueberries are the perfect addition to cereal, pancakes, muffins, cobblers and salads. Plant several varieties so you can harvest them all summer long.

    Austin: Austin blueberries are large, firm and long lasting in the fruit bowl or refrigerator. The moderately vigorous plant fruits in early June.

    Brightwell: Offers big, sweet berries in the spring and rich red foliage in the fall. Delicious right off the bush or in a fruit salad, the firm, flavorful fruit also makes great jam and jelly. Fruits in early June.

    Duke: Among the cold-hardy highbush blueberries, Duke is a standout, both for the quantity and the quality of its fruit. A vigorous grower, it produces sweet, medium-sized berries perfect for eating, baking or making into jam. Fruits in late June to early July.

    O'Neal: A three-season beauty, this variety has snowy white spring flowers and grey-green summer foliage that flashes to vivid shades of red in the fall. It bears large, light-blue berries that are considered the most delicious of the early ripening southern highbush blueberries. Fruits in early to mid-May.

    Jersey: A favorite for baking, the Jersey blueberry is medium-sized and exceptionally sweet. This vigorous plant does well in challenging soil, producing long, loose clusters of fruit in summer, followed by brilliant flame-orange fall color. Fruits in mid-August.

    Premiere: Known as a "rabbiteye" blueberry, well suited to temperate growing zones. It will bear masses of large, sweet, light-blue berries in May, then grace the garden with bright green foliage all summer long. Fruits in late May.

    • Austin, Brightwell,O'Neal and Premiere: Zones 7–9.
    • Duke: Zones 4–7; Jersey: Zones 5–8.
    • Grows to 6'–12' high and 4'–5' wide.
    • Suitable for container or ground planting.
    • Requires full sun.
    • Yields approx. 2.5 bushels of fruit at maturity (2 to 3 years).
    • Grown on a farm in Tennessee.
    • Agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to AZ, CA, OR, WA, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.