Blackberry Farm Compost

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  • At Blackberry Farm in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, master gardeners cultivate a rich organic compost to help fertilize and protect the Tennessee farm-resort’s many fruit and nut orchards and heirloom vegetable beds. Combining a rich blend of manure from sheep and horses raised on the property, in addition to kitchen scraps and crop remnants, this “house-made” compost expertly and continuously enhances the texture, water retention, and beneficial microorganisms of regular garden soil.

    • Living, organic compost enhances soil fertility and texture.
    • Protects crops from adverse conditions.
    • Reduces need for weeding and combating insects.
    • Custom formula is a balanced blend of natural plant and animal materials.
    • Made using local and sustainable ingredients, including farm-raised horse and sheep manure, kitchen scraps, and garden waste.
    • Each batch is cured over a 12-18 month maturation.
    • Compost is turned every 2 weeks during maturation to build oxygen content and aid decomposition.
    • 10 lb.
    • Made in USA.
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