Berry Vertical Frame

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  • There's nothing like sweet ripe berries plucked right from the garden. Raspberries and blackberries can flourish in your backyard with solid support for their vigorous climb. This T-trellis, an original design from a workshop in Seattle, provides a sturdy support system for raspberries, blackberries and other climbers such as pole beans and grapes.

    • Supports climbing fruits and vegetables while preventing them from sprawling over ground.
    • Handmade from Western Red Cedar with enameled steel post anchors.
    • Sustainably harvested sisal twine. 
    • Keep fruits above soil and allows for good air circulation, reducing mildew and disease.
    • Vertical growth makes weeding, pruning and harvesting easier.
    • Ideal for raspberries, blackberries, espalier apple tree, pole beans, grapes and other vining fruits and vegetables.
    • Made in USA.
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