Baia Fusilloni Corkscrew Pasta in Whole Durum Wheat

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  • Savor the wholesome goodness of organic corkscrew pasta made from whole durum wheat, an ancient grain with a wonderfully rich, earthy flavor. At Northern California's celebrated Baia Pasta, Renato Sardo and his team of artisan pasta makers craft the pasta in small batches using a special flour milled from the best Montana-grown whole durum wheat. The rustic dough is gently extruded through brass dies—a classic Italian technique that gives the finished pasta the perfect al dente texture and a ridged surface that sauces cling to beautifully. To preserve its rich flavor and natural proteins, the pasta is slowly dried at low temperatures. A great companion for your favorite pasta sauces, our whole durum wheat corkscrews are especially good with chunky and creamy sauces—or use them for pasta salad.

    • 1 lb.
    • Made in USA.
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