Backyard Beehive Starter Kit

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  • $189.95
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  • Raising bees will reward you with delicious pure raw honey and with increased pollination of fruit trees and vegetable plants in your garden. The experts at one of the world’s premier beekeeping suppliers have equipped our custom kit with essential tools and clothing you need to successfully manage a hive of honeybees—and harvest their honey.

    • Kit includes helmet, gloves, hive tool, bee brush, smoker and feeder.
    • Adjustable vented helmet with pocket veil: Cool and lightweight polyester/nylon with a built-in sweatband. Veil has a drawstring bottom and tightly woven netting that works well against gnats and mosquitoes.
    • Leather gloves: Soft cowhide leather with sturdy canvas sleeves.
    • 9" spring-steel hive tool: A must for beekeeping, this is a mini crowbar used for lifting, prying and scraping the frames.
    • 14" wooden bee brush: Long, soft bristles to gently brush bees away from frames and clothing.
    • 4" x 7" stainless-steel smoker: Equipped with a guard and easy-pump bellow.
    • Boardman entrance feeder: Allows you to use your own Mason jar or #5 round jar for feeding syrup or supplementing water.