Apple Trees

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  • Harvest a bounty of crisp apples (Malus domestica) for cooking, baking, juicing and eating out of hand. You can even ferment your own apple cider and vinegar.

    Fuji: This mid-season tree yields medium-sized reddish-pink apples with a wonderful texture and sweet, light, flavor with just a hint of tartness.
    Honeycrisp: Featuring an exceptionally crisp texture and sweet-tart bite, this all-purpose apple is delicious eaten out of hand or used in any apple recipe. It keeps its flavor and texture well when stored.

    • Zones 5–8.
    • White blossoms with a tinge of pink blanket the apple trees in spring, followed by succulent fruit that ripens in autumn.
    • Grows 15'–20' high, 10'–15' wide.
    • Suitable for container or ground planting.
    • Requires full sun.
    • Fruits from mid-September to mid-October.
    • Yields approx. 3 bushels of apples at maturity (3 to 4 years).
    • Grown on a farm in Tennessee.
    • Agricultural regulations prohibit shipment to AZ, CA, OR, WA, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.
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