Ames Single Source Honey Sampler

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  • Each hive of bees produces honey that’s unique—flavored by the plants and trees growing and blooming nearby. Unlike most grocery-store honey, which is blended and filtered to create a generic taste, Ames’ single-source honeys celebrate the unique characteristics of geography, letting you experience terroir in a whole new way.

    • Founded in 1995, with two beehives in a small apple orchard, Ames now maintains more than 450 hives in Minnesota.
    • Honey is harvested by hand from individual hives and bottled raw to retain all its healthful properties along with the unique flavor profile of each source.
    • Our sampler includes five 2-oz. jars, each labeled with information about the floral sources that create the flavor.
    • Because the available honey (and what's blooming around the hives) will change from season to season, the sampler will include a different mix each time.
    • Possibilities include light, mild Sweet Clover; rich, full-flavored Fall Wildflower; Alfalfa, with its notes of almond and vanilla; spicy Dandelion, with hints of clove; and earthy, dark amber Buckwheat.
    • Product of USA.
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