American Pale Ale Beer-Making Kit

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  • Brew your own American Pale Ale at home with our beer-making kit. It includes all the basic equipment, ingredients and instructions you need to craft great-tasting beer from the very first batch. Follow the step-by-step instructions, and in about four weeks you’ll enjoy an American Pale Ale that is highly hopped, crisp and refreshing.

    • Includes brewing equipment and ingredients to brew American Pale Ale, including enough malt, grain, hops and yeast for your first batch.
    • Complete instructions provided in the included A Guide to Craft Brewing.
    • Additional equipment and ingredients required: Large brew pot, fine-mesh strainer, 10 lb. ice and 10 swing-top bottles.
    • Ingredients included for making 1 gallon of ale (ten 12-oz. bottles).
    • Equipment can be reused to brew additional batches.